Production according to your wishes and dimensions

Anfertigung ART-Deluxe 4100 Teak black anfertigung Production anfertigung art deluxe teak black 1
Production ART-Deluxe 4100 Teak black

We manufacture carpets in individual shapes for yachts, boats, caravans etc. according to your specifications. A boat carpet is characterized by a special quality. These include predominantly UV resistance, water resistance (even against salt water) and high robustness. After all, the carpet should give many years of pleasure.

For further information you can download our information sheet as a PDF here.

Individual production can not be ordered via the shop. Please contact us by phone or e-mail.
We are happy to assist you in the selection of advice.

You can reach us Monday – Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm – Tel. +49 33055 – 2 29 81

Anfertigung ART-Deluxe 4090 Teak navy anfertigung Production anfertigung art deluxe teak navy 1
Production ART-Deluxe 4090 Teak Navy
Anfertigung ART-Deluxe 4110 Teak chamois anfertigung Production anfertigung art deluxe teak chamois
Production ART-Deluxe 4110 Teak chamois
Anfertigung ART-Deluxe 4095 Teak platin anfertigung Production anfertigung art deluxe teak platin 1
Production ART-Deluxe 4095 Teak platin
Anfertigung ART-Deluxe 4105 Teak creme anfertigung Production anfertigung art deluxe teak creme 1
Production ART-Deluxe 4105 Teak creme

In order to make you an offer we need the following information:
Place the individual old coverings in the same way as they actually are. Take a picture of this as a whole picture. Now please enter the width and length dimensions of the individual parts. If the new floorcovering should be in biplane appearance, also draw in the direction of the strip or mark the front of the bow. Indicate whether, or how many, push buttons are to be incorporated – quantity is sufficient for the time being. For each stainless steel push button with base, we charge 6.00 €.

Altbelag als Vorlage zur Fertigung (Beispiel) anfertigung Production anfertigung altbelag 1
Old flooring as a template for production (example)
Altbelag als Vorlage zur Fertigung (Beispiel) anfertigung Production anfertigung altbelag 2
Old flooring as a template for production (example)

We are happy to tie your boat carpets or floor coverings with loop tape (for indoor areas) or with a UV-resistant, non-slip loop tape (Objekta tape), matching the color of the floor covering (for outdoor and indoor areas). For the running meter border we charge € 12.00 (regardless of the shape).

Each carpet is an individual custom-made product. When manufacturing after old carpets there are slight deviations from the original due to production. When processing push buttons, the lower part may need to be re-set or screwed in the boat. We recommend closing the old hole with sealing compound beforehand and repositioning the lower part of the new push button.

Einfassung mit Schlingenband (für innen) anfertigung Production anfertigung schlingenband innen
Edging with loop band (for inside)
Einfassung mit UV-beständigem Objekta-Band (für außen und innen) anfertigung Production anfertigung uv best band ausseninnnen
Edging with UV-resistant Objekta tape (for outside and inside)
Angefertigte Schablone mit Maßen sowie Angabe von Bug und Heck anfertigung Production anfertigung schablonen

Create templates

Use a slightly firmer wrapping paper from the roll (do not use light film or wallpaper). On request you will receive stencil foil from us. Draft the shapes and trim the stencils 3-4 mm smaller. The positions of the push buttons are shown below. Mark the top and the bow side on each part. Please arrange adjacent parts with a continuous line.

Due to the large number of boat types and the different series, we have no templates.

If you are satisfied with our offer, send us the old coverings or the finished templates. Furthermore we need from you:

  • Indication of the surface of your choice,
  • Your complete address with telephone no. and e-mail address.

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