Width about 200 or 395 cm

Stylish boat rug

ART Deluxe is a unique, stylish and durable interior and exterior carpet. The flooring is made of high quality materials and has a maritime look. ART Deluxe is soft and comfortable yet durable and permeable to water. The boat carpet can be loosely laid, glued with our PU glue or provided with push buttons.

73,90 €/m²

Width: about 200 or 395 cm Delivery is from 1 running meter
WATCH OUT! The delivery time for this product in width 395 cm is approx. 10 working days after receipt of payment.
  • 4100 Teak Black
  • 4105 Teak Creme
  • 4110 Teak Chamois
  • 4115 Teak Suede
  • 4090 Teak Navy
  • 4095 Teak Platin
  • 4080 Teak Suede beige
  • 4085 Teak Suede black
  • 4130 Grau
  • 4145 Marine
  • 4150 Graphit
Auf den Merkzettel
Auf den Merkzettel
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  • Light fastness ISO 105 – B02

  • Saltwater resistant

  • Chlorine resistant

  • Flame retardant ISO 9239, 1

  • Authentic marine teak optic


  • Polypropylene with Aquabac, velor fabric
  • 100% waterproof dyed fiber
  • Total thickness approx. 9.0 mm
  • Pattern bar width approx. 5.0 cm
  • Total weight / m² approx. 1.400 g


  • Total thickness approx. 9,0 mm
  • Pattern bar width approx. 5,0 mm
  • Width of goods approx. 200 cm


We manufacture carpets in individual shapes for yachts, boats, caravans etc. according to your wishes and dimensions.

ART-Deluxe Streifenrichtung
ART-Deluxe strip direction


The carpet can be cleaned dry or wet.

Areas of application

Boats, swimming pools, caravans, commercial applications and showrooms.

ART-Deluxe 4100 Teak black mit Rückseitenansicht
ART-Deluxe 4100 Teak black with backside view
ART Deluxe teak black with edging
ART-Deluxe Teak black
ART-Deluxe Teak black
ART-Deluxe Teak navy
ART-Deluxe Teak chamois
ART-Deluxe grey


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