POLIGRAS - The colourful floor covering for in - and outdoor

POLIGRAS floor covering - a first class alternative to conventional floor coverings. It is resistant to weather conditions, UV-rays, sea water, staining & soiling, slipping, permeable to water, hardly inflammable and it is easy clean. It is also easy to lay and has extraordinary sound absorbing qualities.

POLIGRAS was developed to resist extreme conditions.

The pile material is 100% polypropylene and attached to a backing fabric made of PP. Poligras is free of heavy metals, toxic chemicals and can be recycled. For bonding we recommend Sikaflex 291.

POLIGRAS is the hard-wearing, durable floor covering for your yacht.

It can be brushed, vacuumed, hosed or steam cleaned at not more 130 °C.
POLIGRAS losely laid or bonded.

Range of application: Boat, yacht and ship construct
                             Caravan equipment and leisure activities

Available width: 2 m and 4 m
Delivery starts at 4 m² / Delivery time: approx. 10 days

POLIGRAS-Ambiente   Price including VAT:  m² / € 45,20
POLIGRAS-DeLuxe      Price including VAT:  m² / € 58,50

POLIGRAS Ambiente                                 POLIGRAS Deluxe

total height    approx. 7 - 8 mm                    total height    approx. 10 mm
total weight   approx. 1.920 g / qm               total weight   approx. 3.220 g / qm
shrinking        < 0,5 %                                shrinking        < 0,5 %
Compact back coating                                  Double drainage profile, studded
permeable to water                                      anti-slip

Price including VAT: m² / € 48,40            Price including VAT: m² / € 62,60