The comfortable, isolating wall and ceiling covering

The surface of SANDORA is soft like velvet. Its warm brilliance creates a cozy atmosphere in your yacht. The material also resists intensive demands.

SANDORA – soft and elegant

Soft and flexible materials provide easy assembly to difficult areas.

The foam layer of SANDORA provides an isolating and sound absorbing effect. The locknit on the Reverse side increases the stability of this composition and gives good adhesion possibilities for the glue. We recommend our UNI-Kleber 140 for assembly.

Convenience and softness by SANDORA

SANDORA consists of Polyester-microfibres, the foam layer and the locknit are made of Polyamide. The overall width is about 3,5 mm. We recommend common upholstery foam for cleaning.

Available width: approx. 150 cm

Minimum order quantity: 1m

Price including VAT:  m² / € 27,90

7001 weiss
7002 kiesel
7003 sand
7004 silber
7005 gold